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Kim, Yong Duk _ Buddhist illustration______________

Buddhist art that expresses the Buddhist philosophy has had a significant impact on the spiritual culture of many years humanity as a picture, the meaning of the Buddha with beautiful art is to inform the world extensively.

We temples and Buddhist art called 'Taenghwa, where you can meet at the museum are some difficulties with that is that in our day-to-day as a religious formatting.

Buddhism is a religion to culture, with the emotions in everyday life of many years we Asians.
Buddhist illustration of Yong Duk Kim would like to present the art of young and healthy as real in terms of inheritance, yet today, the context in which traditional Korea Buddhist art.Based on the genre of illustration of the Buddha and Buddhist themes and approaches in various fields of life through innovative experiments and practical attempts.

Buddhist illustration of Yong Duk Kim will be lonely and through the expansion of Buddhist philosophy and exhausting to become a Buddha image of the beautiful relaxation for modern culture.

  • 2013.10 exhibition eBook_"out of Buddha"
  • 2012.9 exhibition eBook_"Doil, Enjoy the Buddha"
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